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Scripius will provide all the data and financial information you need.

Too often, large Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) hide costs through complex, propriety networks and pharmaceutical contracts. In fact, most PBMs lease at least part of their networks and drug contracts, so it’s not even possible for them to provide claim-level rebate information because they are not privy to the contract details. Read about how one public entity ran into roadblock after roadblock in their attempt to audit one of the nation’s biggest PBMs, which was providing pharmacy benefits to their employees. They needed claim-level data for the audit and couldn’t get it.

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Scripius gives you claim-level reporting.

By contrast, Scripius owns all its own network contracts, so we can share the full financial details of all our network arrangements. Likewise, we own all our own rebate contracts and can share those as well. Anytime you want to examine our contracts and pass-through pricing, you will have all the data you need for claim-level auditing.

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You’ll also get our full library of analytics.

With Scripius, you’ll have access to all your own data, plus our expanded analytics library. This internal data-sharing system allows our data analysts to have access to our aggregated client data, including data from employer groups with more than 80,000 members. Having access to the highest level of data will help you make informed decisions about utilization and cost avoidance, as we share our most accurate best practice analytics and recommendations.

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