Our Savings Guarantee

With Scripius, you will get instant savings, guaranteed.

You may be overwhelmed with a lot of numbers while shopping for a pharmacy benefits manager. One company is focused on rebates and discounts, and another company touts a low administration fee. It’s confusing.

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We make it easy with our first-year savings guarantee.

It’s simple: You can share your data with Scripius, let us reprice your claims, and we will give you a first-year savings amount that we will guarantee. You’ll know exactly how much you will save in the first year when you switch to Scripius. With year-one guaranteed savings, why not make the switch? Especially since we also guarantee you will have no disruption and be completely satisfied when you make the switch.

Have questions? Or ready to make the switch to Scripius? Contact your consultant or agent, or email us at GetSavingsNow@Scripius.org. We're here to help. We'll answer your questions and lay out an easy path to future cost savings and a better member experience.