Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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When you make the switch to Scripius, you get a satisfaction guarantee.

When you switch to Scripius, we’ll be here to make sure the switch goes off without a hitch. From confirming that enrollment files transfer properly to getting new ID cards out on time, our team will make sure the switch to Scripius creates smiles, not headaches.

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Part of taking care of you is ensuring you have no network disruption.

When you switch to Scripius, you get access to our broad pharmacy network. Unlike our competitors, there are no big national chains that we carve out. And because we hold and negotiate all our network contracts, we can add any smaller local chain you need.

Before the switch goes live, we can look at your utilization to find where your employees and their dependents are filling prescriptions. If your employees are using pharmacies that aren’t currently on our network (even small local and community pharmacies), we will reach out and contract with those pharmacies before your go-live date.


We’re so confident you’ll love your experience that we guarantee it. If your experience switching to Scripius does not fully and completely meet your expectations of a seamless transition, we’ll give you a guaranteed amount back—period.

Have questions? Or ready to make the switch to Scripius? Contact your consultant or agent, or email us at MakeTheSwitch@Scripius.org. We're here to help. We'll answer your questions and lay out an easy path to future cost savings and a better member experience.