Scripius is Different

A story of price obfuscation from a big PBM.

In 2019, the Utah State Legislature asked the state’s internal auditors to report on the performance of the large Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) that supplied pharmacy benefits to public employees through the state-run insurance program, PEHP.

Even though the bids that PEHP received through its Request for Proposal (RFP) process seemed to indicate that this big, nontransparent PBM was the lowest bid, it was difficult for the auditors to confirm that was true, after the fact.

Instead, the auditors noted:

“We are restricted in how to report the information, thereby limiting policymakers and PEHP’s ability to fully understand the information as they make important policy considerations.”

“[The PBM’s] audit protocol imposed restrictions on our analysis.”

“True drug costs are hidden by PBM and manufacturers’ practices.”

“Attempting to uncover prescription costs led to many obstacles. Specific prescription cost data and rebates are closely held by PBMs and not easily obtained through a standard audit request. Despite our authority to conduct audits of public entities, some of the information necessary to conduct the audit resided with private entities or was controlled through legal or contractual terms.”

Finally, auditors concluded,

“Legislative intervention may be necessary to require [the PBM] to provide claim-level rebate information.”

With Scripius, you get claim-level rebate information.

As the auditors found out, you need claim-level rebate information to really know if you’re getting a good deal. Scripius gives you claim-level rebate information whenever you want it.

Read how our ownership of all our network and rebate contracts means you’ll never be in the dark about whether you are getting a good deal. We’re ending price obfuscation in the PBM business and will make sure you always have the decision-making data you need.

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