Solving the Pricing Puzzle

What’s the real price tag?

When shopping for a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), finding the real price tag can feel like putting a puzzle together.

Does the price tag include rebates, ingredient costs, administration fees, and discounts? And what about generic utilization, savings from clinical programs, and Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) lists?

The complete puzzle is YOUR PER MEMBER PER MONTH (PMPM) COST.

PMPM Puzzle

So, what’s the real price tag?

It’s not rebates; it’s the PMPM your pharmacy manager offers you. Our PMPM includes everything—it’s your bottom line and the real price tag you should look at. Here’s our challenge: See if you can find a lower price tag in the market than the Scripius PMPM.

PMPM Comparison

Year-over-year, our price tag is consistently lower than for-profit competitors and other like-minded, transparent PBMs.

If this price tag doesn’t sway you, maybe our first-year savings guarantee will.

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